MARCH 21 - 23, 2025


Tony Eitharong

2019 Award of Excellence - Painting
Numerous Awards for previous Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festivals


Tony Eitharong’s diverse talent can be seen in the evolution and phases his artwork has moved through over the years. Born in Thailand, he has garnered awards for the stark realism of his pencil drawings as well as the bold commentary of his mixed media and the splashy colors of his large paintings. Tony is a recipient of many Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival Awards including 2 Best of Show Awards and a 2019 Award of Excellence.

When commenting on the question about what art is, 

Tony replies that he really doesn’t know because he is still making it. He says that he is not going to change the world, but at least he feels like he is a part of it.


ARTISTS is a six-part series profiling the minds and imaginations of six world-renowned artists, who all live in the small Florida town of DeLand.

This segment features Tony Eitharong.


Produced by Laputa Films.



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