MARCH 21 - 23, 2025


Invited Artists

The 66th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival will be held March 21 - 23, 2025.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR INVITED ARTISTS: The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival 2024



  1. Go to and log in to your ZAPP account.
  2. From the “My ZAPPlication” page, please find “The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival” and choose “Accept” or “Decline”.
  3. If you choose to Accept, go to the “ZAPP® Shop” in your ZAPP account. Select the booth fee payment of $575.00 (which includes $37.38 FL Sales Tax of 6.5%). Payment is required by midnight, Monday, December 4, 2023 EST. Your application status will be listed as "Confirmed" once you have paid your booth fee.
  4. While in your ZAPP account, please go to the “My Profile” section and verify your contact and website information for accuracy. This information will be used to update our show database and for your Booth ID Card, the Website, the Festival programs and other Festival-related media and advertising. It is important for you to maintain the accuracy of your contact information between your acceptance and our show dates in March. For publication use, proper capitalization in your application is appreciated.
  5. If you choose to Decline, you may archive your application by going to your “MyZAPPlications” page at and under the “Options” column, click on the green “Archive” link. If you choose to Accept, do not archive your application until after the Festival.



A printable map of Central Park is available on our website's Jury and Space Information page. Please use only the current park map on our website, as we have made changes from previous years' layouts. Regrettably, power is not available for artists use during the show. 


Our Policies Regarding Space Assignments are contained on our website's Jury and Space Information page.

There is also a link to the park map at the bottom of this page.


To request a space, please either complete the Google Form linked below (Option 1) OR submit your request via email (Option 2). You may request up to five (5) spaces for your booth placement. As always, we will do our best to honor your request, but cannot guarantee a particular space. 


Option 1: Please complete this Google Form with your booth preferences. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.  


Option 2: Please send an email to with your choices as soon as possible and let us know if any of the following special requirements apply to you. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. 

  • You are accepted in two categories and your spaces need to be contiguous.
  • Your exhibit includes large artwork (e.g. tall sculptures) or a particularly tall tent.
  • You have physical limitations that require special arrangements.
  • Your space needs to be adjacent to your participating partner's space.




Parking near the Festival is limited, but we do our best to allow all artists to park their vehicles as close to Central Park as possible. Our scheduled unloading program will be provided again this year. You will be sent additional information about the unloading program closer to the Festival.


To assist us in planning for parking, please provide the following information to at the time of your acceptance regarding the vehicle you will be bringing to the Festival:

  1. Type of vehicle
    1. STANDARD car, truck, or van
    2. EXTENDED van or truck
    3. RV
  2. Length of vehicle (if over 19' long)
  3. Length of trailer (if any)
  4. Will you be overnighting in your vehicle?
  5. Do you intend to park in our lots, or will you make other arrangements?


NOTE: Pedestrian walkways from the artists' parking areas across the tracks are available at the crossings on Morse Boulevard, New England Avenue, and Canton Avenue. Please see the current map on our website.



DEADLINE:  Midnight, December 4, 2023 (EST)

  • Acceptance and Exhibitor Fee due to ZAPP.
  • Contact and website information verified and corrected in ZAPP.
  • Space Requests (3), with "special requirements" information and Vehicle Parking information submitted via Google Form or


NOTE: No request for Exhibitor Fee refunds can be accepted after Midnight, December 31, 2023 (EST). Exhibitor fee refunds are subject to a ZAPP processing.


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