2019 Emerging Artists

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival’s Emerging Artist Program was founded in 1977 and encourages new artists to participate in the world of outdoor festivals at no cost to the selectees. Emerging Artists, who are determined through the same juried process as all of the event’s participating artists, will have the opportunity to make sales and get feedback from art patrons and judges. While Emerging Artists are not eligible for prizes, the exposure and the experience is invaluable. This year three artists were chosen for the program.

Scott Aranha is a Bahamian who grew up travelling extensively during his childhood. Primary schooled in the Nassau, Bahamas, at Tambearly School he went to high school in New England at The Gunnery, in Washington Depot, Connecticut. After graduating from The Gunnery Scott promised himself “no more cold weather” and chose Rollins College in Winter Park for his University experience. Ever since he was a child Scott’s first love has been the sea and what goes on underwater. He discovered SCUBA diving at a very young age and it became a real passion. Over the years, Scott has travelled frequently as far as Indonesia and the Philippines to take underwater photographs, his shark photography has all been in the Bahamas. His love for the world underwater and the beauty found there coupled with his wish to preserve that environment speaks clearly in his photographs. Scott and his wife Bianca live in Nassau with their two rescue dogs where Scott runs a boat maintenance and charter business.

Angela Krauss-Coryell, born and raised in Orlando, Florida, is a natural light portrait and landscape photographer. Her passion for photography was sparked by her father and high school photography teacher at age 15. With dreams of pursuing photography as a career she received her A.S. degree in photographic studies from Daytona State College. Krauss-Coryell was esteemed Daytona State College Photography Student of the Year in 2015. She continued her photographic studies at the University of Central Florida, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in photography. Deputing photographic images of her travels to New Zealand and Australia, she is excited to show just a little piece of what it looks like on the other side of the world. “My desire to travel has been ingrained since I was 14, and I am so honored and grateful to be here and show my work. I look forward to all the incredible artists and festival goers I’ll be meeting!” Next stop…Iceland

Natalie Schorr has been fully focused on her passion of creating abstract work. She loves incorporating texture and depth by utilizing pastes and gels as well heavy knife work on acrylics. Typically, her work is based in a black and white scale with carefully placed pops of eye-catching color. Definitely bold and unstructured!