MARCH 15 - 17, 2024


Steven Olszewski

2015 Award of Distinction - Sculpture

2014 Edyth Bush Art of Philanthropy Award


Steven Olszewski is a bronze, ceramic and raku sculptor.

Meditative and serene are words that describe his unique hand-built sculptures which are individually modeled in clay and fired in a large gas kiln to a temperature of 2200 degrees F.  Instead of glazes he creates the surface patinas with a process called raku, which is rarely seen in such large sculptures. While still red hot the sculpture is buried in sawdust, then removed, torched and quenched with water. This process causes the clay to absorb carbon and trace minerals creating the varied metal-like surfaces. His vision is to convey the human spirit in a meditative state and create artwork that gives the viewer a peaceful feeling.



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