MARCH 21 - 23, 2025


Cameron Ritcher

Richmond, VA

Cinematic Mini-Doc
Video shot in Philadelphia with a Sony A7iii by Hythan



At age 10 Cameron was an established paleontologist, he chased dreams
of playing the trumpet and racing mountain bikes at a professional level. Late in high school Cameron became more intentional about his work in art class as he came to the realization that visual art is the common denominator of all other endeavors.

He went on to graduate from James Madison University with a BS in Studio Art and a Pre-K-12 Visual Arts Teaching Licensure.  He now shows in galleries and art festivals nationally.

Artist Statement:

“Initially, my process is driven by a primal and urgent desire to put paint on things and make haphazard marks. I believe there is some overlap with graffiti here. I believe what fuels both graffiti and my work is a drive some (or all) people have engrained in us that is compels us to make marks. I admit I cannot articulate the source of this energy, yet I echo the sentiments of many of my predecessors in saying that making paintings is something I simply must do.  While it seems that many people use paint to create a narrative or illustrate a metaphor, I enjoy thinking of my work as purely a celebration of the materials themselves.

As layers accumulate, my decisions gradually become more deliberate and intentional (yet never analytical). I unify the composition and bring it to a place of resolution. I know that a painting is finished when I can see the painting as a whole; a harmonious, cohesive image, before I notice individual marks. My purpose is to spark a curiosity and excitement in the viewer. I ask questions and present new possibilities, leaving the viewer with a trace of familiarity, but less information than is needed for a concrete conclusion.”


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