2020 Patron List


Patron Tent Sponsors



Donna Loggie and Marie Schiavi



Commerce National Bank & Trust - Ray Colado

Hudson Security Systems, Inc. - Scott Hudson, Ben Hudson and Susan Grammer Hudson

Denise and Jay Whitehurst



Mary Adkins

Robin Angel

Michael and Gail Bittman

Wayne and Patricia Jones

Allen E. Keen

Allen E. and Linda S. Keen

Joann and Doug Marks

Meredith Murphy

Kathy Phillips



Judi Carey

Stephen and Diane Goll

Kathryn and Bud Grammer

Ruth and Gerry Hartman

Scott and Tonya Mellen



Mike and Patrice Abufaris

Aloma Title Company

Sue and Dan Arbuckle

Sarah Arnold

Rusty and Meg Baldwin

Kathy Benham

Vicki Berman

Beverly Bidwell

Jeffrey and Caroline Blydenburgh

Jan and Curley Bowman

Steve and Sharon Bozarth

Pam and Steve Brandon

Jeffrey Briggs

Tom and Pat Bruno

Minter Byrd

Cameron’s Design, LLC

Priscilla Church and Michael Dick

Jennifer and Tim Clark

Dr. Scott and Sarah Cohen

Craig and Cathy Cook

John P. and Kay E. Custis

Mike and Terry Davis

Doug and Cindy DerHagopan

Alan and Laurie Dickey

Jeff Dowman

Greg and Julie Edwards

Stephen and Joan Elker

Richard and Carol Ellis

Robert and Siham Fechner

Ramona Ferran

Susan Finnegan

Bill Forness

Lynda and Lamont Garber

Jean Gillen

Teague Gilliland

Mike and Mary Glasgow

Peter Knowles Gottfried

Deborah M. Greear

Scott A. Greenberg, M.D.

John and Barbara Gugel

Linda Guthrie

John and Rosemary Hall

Denise and Michael Hammond

Howard and Suzy Harris

Joe Harris

Paul and Arlene Heidrich

Wayne and Sharon Helsby

Holly and Kent Henson

Shari Hodgson

Anne W. Jones

Hal H. Kantor

Linda and Jay Keane

Elaine and Douglas Kerr

John and Linda King

Susan and Jim King

Michael and Christine Kirchner

Bob and Marcia Klettner

Inge Lake

Ellen and Mark Lang

Barbara Langley

Cal and Sue Ann Leone

Paul and Susan Levine

Paul and Judy Luckett

Wendy Maher

Paul and Stacey Manos

Bill and Becky Manuel

Roger and Sabrina Marks

Marc and Nancy McLarnon

Men’s Divorce Law Firm

Congressman and Mrs. John Mica

Al and Maija Michejda

Chris Moore

Carole and Jim Moreland

Jan Munson

Michael Nutter

Marlys O’Malley       Susan M. Kessler

Parkland Homes

Virginia Peterson

Jay and Leslie Plotkin

Prince Associates, Inc.

Angela Ramsey

Kathryn Rauktis

Frank and Jana Ricci

Christine Richmond

Kimberly Roberts       Terry Bryant

Dr. Scott Rotatori, MD

Judi Sanborn and Chuck Wohlust

Cathy Sawruk

Harold Scherr

Pamela and David Schulte

Paula Shives

Steve and Ava Simms

Jean Sprimont

Tracy Stein - Red Fox Promo

Bill and Leslie Stern

Pam Stewart

Kaitlyn Study

Bob and Kathy Walker

Tiffany Wax

Louise and Dick Weiner

Amy White

Mark and Lyn Williams

Hattie Wolfe

Wolfe-Rizor Interiors

Ellen and Wayne Wolfson

Bruce and Anne Young