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2023 Patron List

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Edwards Financial Services


Patron Sponsors

The Alfond Inn

The Ancient Olive

Café Don Juan


The Glass Knife

George’s Gourmet Cookies

Nothing Bundt Cakes


The Spice & Tea Exchange

Winter Park Publishing





Wolfe-Rizor Interiors



Commerce Bank & Trust

Mimi and Dick Ford

FreshPoint / Robert and Madeline Gordon

The Keen Family

Catherine McCaw-Engelman

Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park – Dr. Allie Miller

Kathy Phillips

Teresa Williams



Robin Angel

Terry A. Breese

Emma and Robert Chong

CRT Studio Interiors

Hal and Cori Downing

Garrett Law Firm, P.A.

Mark and Karen Kaczmarek

Meredith Murphy

Lynn and Dan Sedwick

Jon C. and Theresa Swanson

Denise and Jay Whitehurst



Dr Scott G. Cohen, Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Dr Carl Dann IV

Mike and Terry Davis

Jeff Dowman and Jean Gillen

Stephen and Diane Goll

Joann and Doug Marks

Scott and Tonya Mellen

Jay Salamone / Karen Tepper

Claire and Hal Schmidt

Sharon Snow

Craig and Luke Uttley

Dr. Martin R. Zamora



Mike and Patrice Abufaris

Aloma Title Company

Allen and Peggy Amos

Lars and Julie Anderson

Sue and Dan Arbuckle

Sarah E. Arnold

Hank and Susan Ashby

Jeanne Atkinson and Michael Sanders

Meg and Russell Baldwin

The Balmoral Group

Kathi Belich / Gil Dobes

Kathy Benham

Kirsys Bennett

Robert Best

Karlynn and Kevin Billings

Gail and Michael Bittman

Bette BonFleur

Jan and Curley Bowman

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Bozarth

Pam and Steve Brandon

Karen Branen

Jeffrey Briggs

Drew Brooks

Tom and Pat Bruno

Terry L. Bryant / Kimberly Roberts

Nancy Calhoun

Cameron Designs

Judi Carey

Melanie Carrigan

Barbara Chandler


Priscilla Church and Michael Dick

Dr. Caroline Clark and Neal Defossez

Jennifer and Tim Clark

Jennifer and Larry Coates

Gail and Thomas Colman

Craig and Cathy Cook

Aaron Cooper and Eric Keitel

Mark and Laura Cosgrove

Brad and Lauren Cox

DeeDee and Larry Cox

Tyler and Chelsea Cox

Kay E. and John P. Custis

Dani and Vinny D’Assaro

Edward and Nancy Dahlka

Cynthia DerHagopian

Dwain DeVille

Jeff Devine

Duncan DeWahl

Alan and Laurie Dickey

Becky Distad

Carmen Dominguez

Jeff and Judy Doster

Bubba and Juju Edwards

Paula and Buddy Eidel

Joan and Stephen Elker

Richard and Carol Ellis

Lief and Jan Erickson

Lynn Etheridge and Bob Ward

David and Liz Eunice

Jason and Katie Farmand

Jan Farnsworth

Robert and Siham Fechner

Duncan Ferran Inc

Jimmy and Nikki Ferrell Finley

Laura and Greg Fogleman

Bill Forness and Paula Peterson

John and Terry Forrester

Lamont and Lynda Garber

Charline Gauthier and Matt West

Teague Gilliland

Robert B. Goldstein, MD PA

Anne C. Grady

Deborah M. Greear

Dr. Joel and Carolyn Greenberg

Scott A. Greenberg M.D. / Winter Park Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

John and Barbara Gugel

Marjorie Gurnik

John and Rosemary Hall

Howard and Suzy Harris

Ruth Hartman

Wayne and Sharon Helsby

Terri and Steve Herrmann

Mike and Kristi Hlavek

Shari Hodgson

Fay Hu, DMD

Jack and Teresa Huether

Tom and Jenn Ingram

John and Lisa Fox Keating

Michael and Carol Kenefick

Howard and Susan Ker

Elaine Kerr

John and Linda King

Susan and Jim King

Christine and Michael Kirchner

Robert and Marcia Klettner

Jack and Cindy Kuykendall

Ellen and Mark Lang

Deborah Taylor Langdon

Rebecca Swanson Lee and Chris Lee

Sally Leslie

Lynn Leventhal

Hank and Pam Levine

Paul and Susan Levine

Will and Cindy Long

Ralph and Molly Losey

Justin and Kelly Loughran

Ron and Marilyn Lowry

Judy and Paul Luckett

Bill and Becky Manuel

Camille Marchese

Dr. Peter and Margaret Maresco

Sabrina and Roger S. Marks

The Mayflower at Winter Park

Kevin McClanahan and James Dean

Larry and Regina McLoud

Rae McMahan

Cindy A. Meadows

Men’s Divorce Law Firm

Terrie and Joe Mitchell

Clyde Moore

Moors & Cabot Investments / Chip Dover & Tony Dorval

Carole Moreland

Alice Moulton

Dorine Olive / Chuck Fletcher

Wayne Osley

Jason Owens

Park Plaza Hotel

Steve and Jennifer Parkis

Parkland Homes

Gina Peterson

Kevin and Kristen Petry

Kristy and Andy Piecuch

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Plotkin

Prince Associates, Inc. / Francie Prince

Angela Ramsey and Carlton Blow

Kathy Rauktis

Christine Richmond

Morna Robbins

Rooney Family

Dr. Scott and Nancy Rotatari

Judith Sanborn and Chuck Wohlust

Frank Santos

Pamela and David Schulte

Paula Shives


Jean Pfeifer Sprimont

Pamela Stewart

Amelia Storer

Hillary Straus

Kaitlyn Study / South Street & Co.

Jackie Byrd Thompson and Alan Thompson

Amy Thrasher

Heather W Traynham

Kim van Nymegen

Robert and Kathleen Walker

Mercedes Wechsler

Louise and Dick Weiner

Amy White

Cathy Sawruk Williams

Gail and Michael Winn

Carol Wisler

Greg and Wendy Witherspoon

Ellen and Wayne Wolfson

Bruce and Michaelle Woodruff

Bruce and Anne Young

Felecia and Brent Ziegler