FESTIVAL: MARCH 17-19, 2023

2022 Emerging Artists

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival’s Emerging Artist Program was founded in 1977 and encourages new artists to participate in the world of outdoor festivals at no cost to the selectees. Emerging Artists, who are determined through the same juried process as all of the event’s participating artists, will have the opportunity to make sales and get feedback from art patrons and judges. While Emerging Artists are not eligible for prizes, the exposure and the experience is invaluable. This year three artists were chosen for the program.

Leila Elguennich
Orlando, FL • leilaelguennich@gmail.com
Booth Number: 212

Leila Elguennich is a central Florida native visual artist who specializes in watercolor portraits. She uses her portraits to showcase the beauty of women of color. She also ties in her own Japanese and Moroccan heritage in her own portraits, representing their own unique cultures. Most of all, she paints female portraits because it's simply just her favorite thing to paint. She has had award-winning paintings showcased in student exhibits at local museums, festivals, and even the US Capitol. She is currently a student in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Florida, continuing to improve and expand her craft. 


Wonda Granville
Orlando, FL • wonda_granville@yahoo.com •  peopleartandco.com
Booth Number: 214

Wonda was born and raised in Oviedo, Florida.  She received a BS and MBA degree from Strayer University and worked in IT for more than twenty years.  “Art” has always been like a trusted friend, and we did things together like getting into trouble in Mrs. Bower’s second-grade class for distraction; because we had a line of girls waiting for me to draw mermaids.  One day when I was around 15, Mom brought home a Southern Living magazine with an article called “Jericho,” which featured


Renaissance portraitures of Black people.  I had never seen Black people painted so beautifully.  I was inspired and ask God to help me draw all people as regal as that.  In the process, I discovered that their happy or sad faces often told a story by the light in the eyes, lines of their faces, and the shading of their hair.  Amazingly these were everyday people, just like me.  I soon realized the true art was to capture their story. Over the years I’ve learned to paint with acrylic, oil, and watercolor.  However, drawing in charcoal is a total adventure. Recently, I’ve learned to sculpt which is so addictive.  Nevertheless, the pursuit is still the same…to tell the story.


Andrea Romero
Longwood, FL • romeroandrea85@gmail.com
Booth Number: 210


Andrea brings passion, color and stillness to our everyday busy lives with her still life paintings. Andrea was born in Bogota Colombia and moved to the States at 17. A graduate from the Art Institute of Miami with a degree in Fashion Design. Student at The Crealde School of Arts and award winner of the Marie Orban Scholarship for Painting and Drawing. As an emerging artist, her artwork has been displayed at the 40th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at Crealde and also at The Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays; a monthly art exhibition. Andrea has been drawing since she was a child and she enjoys creating art that is simple yet captivating. Her style could be described as a blend of realism and illustrations.