2018 POSTER ARTIST: Don DeWitt

2018 Poster WPSAF

Don DeWitt is a Florida native and has lived most of his life in the central Florida area. Born in Winter Park Hospital, he was a student at St. Charles School and Bishop Moore High School in Orlando. After graduating from Flagler College in St. Augustine where he majored in Fine Art and Graphic Design, he returned to the Orlando area where his studies led him to a 20-year career working in schoolbook publishing. Beginning as a designer and paste-up artist, he eventually became an art director helping produce award-winning literature anthologies. A favorite part of the process was the designing of the schoolbook covers for which Don was recognized with awards from both the New York Book Show and the New England Book Show.

Growing up in Orlando, Don always loved the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. Seeing artists being celebrated and successful was inspiring, and understanding that there are so many ways to channel creativity was meaningful for a young person finding their way in a pre-internet world.

Don DeWitt

Beyond the obvious fun of an Art Festival, you leave with the lesson that art can be an important outlet for all kinds of communication–an idea that Don thinks is especially important to share with young people in a quickly evolving and sometimes confusing world.Forever grateful for having had a lifetime of support for his artistic expression from his parents, family, and husband, he hopes families recognize and help nurture imagination and creativity in young people. It's a valuable way to process feelings of all kinds.

This year's poster is a throwback to vintage fruit crate labels from the 30's through the 50's, the citrus farms that used to dominate Central Florida, and a nod to the Saturday Winter Park Farmers' Market located in the old train depot on New England Avenue in Winter Park where fresh fruit, vegetables, plants as well as other handmade treats have been available for nearly 40 years. Designing the poster this year has been a great honor for Don and a way to show affection for the City of Winter Park which has been a big part of his family's history.