2017 Emerging Artists

Marisa White

Xina Scuderi

Lori Schinell
Marisa S White is best known for seamlessly stitching multiple photographs together, weaving her own personal narrative through surrealistic and fantastical imagery. Having grown up in Houston, Texas with The Menil Collection and the MFAH in her backyard, Marisa was heavily influenced by the Surrealists. She incorporates these dream-like scenes to express and idea or an emotion perhaps not so easily conveyed through traditional landscapes and realistic settings. However, her images speak to concepts not so foreign or mysterious, but to touch upon our own questions of life, love, fear and the unknown. Initially a mixed media collage artist, she received her BFA at the University of North Texas. Through her studies she fell in love with the camera and further secured the use of photography in her work after a summer in Missoula Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Marisa now resides in both Virginia & Florida with her husband and their four-legged child named Shelby.


Xina Scuderi Born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida, Xina Scuderi grew up helping her artisan father and taking road trips with the family. She always had a camera on hand. After going through grade school art programs, Scuderi decided against art colleges. She went on to earn a degree in Anthropology and Geography at USF St. Petersburg focusing on Global Conservation. Scuderi later re-discovered her natural born talent for art through the love of adventure and the outdoors. In 2013 Xina asked her friend (now partner) Kyle what was the best, cleanest, sharpest lens she could use. He said 'here, try my macro'. Since then Scuderi hasn't put the macro lens down. Scuderi traveled all over Florida and across the country to create her Macro Photography Collection of intense close-ups. Lori Schinell Born in Brooklyn, Lori’s childhood summer days were spent at the beach. As a teenager, she worked every summer as a lifeguard. Being near the ocean always held the singular power to calm her heart. She earned her bachelor's degree from the State University of New York, and married. Soon, there were children. Recalling her happy childhood memories, she brought her young family to the beach, passing on the love of sun, sand and water to her boys. In 1993, the family moved to Atlanta and Lori faced a new challenge; There was no ocean for six long hours in any direction. She longed for the peace she experienced at the beach and without a sandy place to put her feet she felt claustrophobic and suffocated. In an attempt to spark joy in another way, she attended classes in painting and sculpture. It was when she walked into a glass fusing class in 2002, that she was surprised to experience a familiar peaceful feeling. Somehow, working with glass diminished that ache that she thought only the sea could alleviate. Glass captured the light, reflected and refracted it in a way that recalled, in her, the experience of looking out on the water. Since that day, glass has been her primary medium. She has traveled across the US and Canada, learning various glass techniques, studying with masters at major glass centers such as the Bullseye Glass Factory, The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, and the Pilchuck Glass School. She is currently working as a full time artist, splitting her time between her studio in Dunwoody, Georgia, and, more recently, her small studio in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. There, once again, she is inspired by the waves and the dolphins. Her work is sold in galleries in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. This most recent series of work is a celebration of life at the shore.