Monday, September 22, 2014
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Artist Application Rules



Must be made through ZAPP ( with digital images of your work and payment of the administrative fee by September 25, 2011.



Selection is by the jury process only.  The decisions of the judges are final.


Placement on the wait list is determined by the jury based upon total point score and category. Order within each category is determined by date of completed application in ZAPP.


Every exhibitor must prominently display a copy of their Artist Statement in their booth, describing the technique, materials and processes used in the creation of your entire body of work. Co-artists must describe their collaboration.


A completed ZAPP application and full payment of the exhibitor fee is a commitment to show in your selected category (categories) and to abide by the Festival rules. No refund of exhibitor fee will be made for cancellation after November 30, 2011.


Each space measures 10’ by 12’. The artist’s display, including booth and viewing bins, must be contained within this space. An artist may have only one space, with the exception of dual category acceptance. The work of only one exhibitor may be displayed in each assigned space. A minimum of six pieces must be displayed. The Festival retains the right to regulate various aspects of the booth display including, but not limited to, number of pieces of artwork, size/number of bins, and overall placement within the allotted space. Ours is a family-oriented event, and exhibits must be in keeping with this atmosphere.


During the Festival, all displays will be visited by Viewing Committee members to ensure that they are in compliance with Festival rules. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work that is not in compliance. Non-compliance will result in expulsion and ineligibility for judging, awards and future Festival participation.

Artwork including original photo image created before January 2010.

Artwork not in category.

Production artwork in any category.

All reproductions, including embellished/enhanced reproductions. The final interpretation of commercial/reproduction status will be made by the Viewing Committee.

Copies of original artwork and works reproduced or copied from works of masters, advertisements, commercial or widely circulated photographs

Art work purchased from an outside source for resale

Work created by kits, picture frames, velvet paintings, manufactured or kit jewelry, candles, art supplies, commercial signage, or displays, decoupage and ceramics cast from commercial molds

Catalogs, mass-produced note cards, commercial books, etc.

Framing in the Park

Creation or demonstration of artwork in the Park

Animals, alcohol, and sound systems

Generators in the Park


Each artist is responsible for collecting and reporting Florida Sales Tax on all sales made during the Festival. The current tax rate is 6-1/2 %. Reporting forms will be provided by FL Department of Revenue.

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
P.O. Box 597
Winter Park, FL 32790-0597